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November is the time of year that focuses on giving thanks
for all that we are blessed to have. 

We hope to see you on 11/23/2022 with 3 nonperishable items to receive one of our Beanies to help keep you warm this holiday season.  Thank you in advance for your gratitude and contributing to this cause!

Our goal of this campaign is to spread hunger awareness.  Each
State that we have stores will select a Veteran focused organization/food pantry to donate food items that they will be collecting 11/23/2022.

We would like to invite you to get your supplies the day before tons of delicious, homecooked food is presented to you.  You will want to be in the correct state to relax and enjoy all of it!  

In the Cannabis industry, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is known as GREEN WEDNESDAY.

If you, or someone you know is curious or has questions about how Cannabis can help them please give us a follow!  We are here to help.

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