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Strain Descriptions

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Apple Jacks

Apple Jack terpene is appropriately named for its heavy scent of sweet, baked apples with faint earthy and skunky notes.

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Banana Runtz

Banana Runtz offers big banana flavor with a nod to throwback candy shops as the name suggests.

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Blue Dream

Inheriting the scents of its parent Blueberry, Blue Dream’s fragrance is a combination of sweet berry and earthy aromas

Blueberry Kush

Has a sweet aroma of fruit, specifically fresh blueberries; that appear to be coated with a thick smattering of sugar.

Cotton Candy

Crossed with Lavender with Power Plant, the resulting aroma represents big, bold cherry flavors with flower undertones.

Delta Dew

First bred in 2008 by combining Super Skunk and Purple Star. Delta Dew delivers euphoric effects with an aroma of spicy pine and citrus.

Durban Poison

A licorice aroma is evident on the exhale, along with the taste of sweet pine sap; leaving a minter earthy after taste.

Frotty Pebblez

A hybrid strain, resulting from crossing Green Ribbon, Granddaddy Purple, and Tahoe Alien to produce the tropical and berry flavors that resemble your favorite Bedrock cereal.


Gelato brings a mixture of delicious sherbet and a splash of mintyness brings a sweet, but pungent scent.

Girl Scout Cookies

GSC has the sweet, earthy aroma with hints of cookies and is described as giving feelings of happiness and soothing creativity.

Grape Ape

Gives the aroma of grapes, tropical fruit, earth and a pine forest.

Great White Shark

Great White Shark is a Sativa strain. Consumers have reported happy, relaxed, and energetic feelings with this strain accompanied with fruity and earthy tones.

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