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Medical Terpene Line

We have partnered with Eybna, the leader in botanical terpene formulations, to bring you the best in science backed terpene solutions. 

To learn more about Eybna's Functional Terpene Line and receptors click HERE.

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Targeting the TRPV1, CB2, and CB1 receptors in the endocannibioid system, this Receptor-Specific Formula  has been created to aid in relief from inflammation and pain perception. 


Our sleep product uses premium Eybna terpene formulations that are shown to target the endocannibinoid receptors GABA 332, GABA 232, GABA 132(+), A2A, and CB1 to promote a great night's rest.

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Bringing together terpenes that activate the

GABA 132(-) and 5-HT3 receptors, this premium line is designed specifically to aid in cognitive functions making it a choice option for those seeking focus. 

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