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We are not another head shop!  We specialize in discussing Cannabis and the Cannabinoids that naturally occur in the plant.  We are here to answer any questions that you may have regarding Delta 8 THC, CBD, and any related topics about how these naturally occuring Cannabinoids can work for you.


Delta 8 Edibles

Our Edibles come in Cookie, Gummie, and Chocolate form and our selection is always expanding! 


Our edibles have been getting great feedback from our customers explaining how they help them relieve different ailments that come along with daily life!

Delta 8 Vaporizers

We carry a selection of Cake, BeLeaf, and our in house Hemp4Heroes brand of vaporizers that come in Cartridge and Disposable form.

We are offering the largest variety of flavor options in the area using all natural terpenes to flavor our cartridges.  We carry the best quality products available and stand behind our 100% Delta-8 Cartridges provided by Hemp4Heroes.




In-Store Strains:

Blueberry Donut




Grand Daddy Purp

Kush Mintz

Miami Diesel

OG Kush


Sour Pebblez

Strawberry Cough

Super Lemon Haze

White Russian


Delta 8 Flower

Delta 8 Flower uses CBD based strains infused with naturally occurring Delta-8 that is extracted from hemp, using the cleanest technologies available when infusing our flower. (Learn More)

We currently offer 12 different strains of flower.  We offer these strains to be weighed out into

1-Gram, 3.5-Grams, 7-Grams, 14-Grams, 1-Ounce (28-Grams), 2-Ounces (56-Grams), or can be offered in a 1-Gram Pre-rolled form.


Delta 8 Extracts


We carry a large selection of Delta-8 Dab Extracts that also test at 100% potency.  Our dabs come in the same 28 flavors as the cartridges, and come in 1 gram and 3 gram options.  We use all natural terpenes to flavor our dabs.  We carry the highest quality of Delta-8 products available; all extracted from Green Bay local growers - Hemp4Heroes.

Sexy Dabs.jpeg