We have been in the Hemp industry for over 4 years in Wisconsin - Because of this, we are vertically integrated, and can offer higher quality products at lower prices!  

Our Delta-8 cartridges and dabs are flavored using 100% Natural Terpenes from your all time favorite OG Strains - OG Kush, Blue Dream, Durban Poison, etc.  Check them out below!

Apple Jack.png

Uplifting & Soothing

Apple Jack

Apple Jack terpene is appropriately named for its heavy scent of sweet, baked apples with faint earthy and skunky notes.

Blue Cheese.png

Calm & Rest

Blue Cheese

With a sweet scent of blueberry and hints of savory cheese, Blue Cheese is a house favorite that provides soothing qualities.

Banana Runtz.png

Uplifting & Creative

Banana Runtz

Banana Runtz offers big banana flavor with a nod to throwback candy shops as the name suggests.

Blue Dream Cart and Dab.png

Rest & Calm

Blue Dream

Inheriting the scents of its parent Blueberry, Blue Dream’s fragrance is a combination of sweet berry and earthy aromas.

Blueberry Kush.png

Relaxed & Stress Relief

Blueberry Kush

Has a sweet aroma of fruit, specifically fresh blueberries; that appear to be coated with a thick smattering of sugar.

Durban Poison.png

Energetic & Uplifting

Durban Poison

A licorice aroma is evident on the exhale, along with the taste of sweet pine sap; leaving a minter earthy after taste.

Cotton Candy.png

Relaxation & Euphoric

Cotton Candy

Crossed with Lavender with Power Plant, the resulting aroma represents big, bold cherry flavors with flower undertones.


Creative & Focus


A mixture of delicious sherbet and a splash of mintyness brings a sweet, but pungent scent.

Grape Ape.png

Relaxtion & Sleepy

Grape Ape

Gives the aroma of grapes, tropical fruit, earth and a pine forest.

Honey Badger Haze.png

Euphoric & Uplifting

Honey Badger Haze

A sweet and spicy fruity flavor with a touch of lime and honey. The aroma is very earthy and spicy with a fruity lime overtone.


Creative &  Focus

Girl Scout Cookies

GSC has the sweet, earthy aroma with hints of cookie and is described as giving feelings of happiness, soothing, creativity.

Juicy Fruit.png

Happy & Creative

Juicy Fruit

Also known as "Fruity Juice", Juicy Fruit provides hints of Pino Calada flavors with a scent similar to plums.

Juicy Peach Mango.png

Happy & Euphoric

Juicy Peach Mango

Juicy Peach Mango provides a pungent, fruity flavor profile that comes from its loud citrus and peach genetics.

Lucky Charmz.png

Calm & Rest

Lucky Charms

Lucky Charmz provides a bright and tangy fruity flavor; providing all the flavors of the rainbow.

Lemon Diesel.png

Happy & Uplifted

Lemon Diesel

The flavor of Lemon Diesel is fuel dominent along side with notes of citrus and pepper.

Maui Wowie.png

Uplift & Creative

Maui Wowie

Pineapple with hints of mango, pine and pepper add complexity to this profile.

OG Kush.png

Happy & Relaxed

OG Kush

A hybrid with an aroma with notes of fuel, skunk, and spice. A classic OG Flavor...

Purple Punch.png

Rested & Calm

Purple Punch

Purple Punch brings you back to sipping cherry, grape, or blueberry juices as a kid - with hints of vanilla for extra smoothness.


Uplifted & Creative

Pineapple Express

A combination of an exotic sweet pineapple flavor with cedar and pine notes as well as a very fine fruity flavor.

Red Velvet.png

Happy & Uplifted

Red Velvet Cupcake

The flavors of this strain walk the line of creamy, chocolate, and cinnamon - smoothness of Red Velvet.



Happiness & Soothing

With a mixture of natural vanilla and cinnamon, this flavor will remind you of the classic Snickerdoodle recipe.

Strawberry Cheesecake.png

Straw. Cheesecake

Uplifting & Happy

Strawberry Cheesecake delivers the strong strawberry flavor with a side of cheesy sharpness.

Sour Diesel.png

Sour Diesel

Creativity & Euphoria

Heavy diesel and pungent flavors are what Sour Diesel brings to the table when smoked.



Uplifting & Happy

As you might expect, a noticeably strong scent of strawberries with wafts of incredibly delicious cream and just a little bit of earth.

Sweet Island Skunk.png

Sweet Island Skunk

Relaxed & Helps w/ Anxiety

Exactly as its name implies: sweet and skunky. It also delivers aromatic hints of the tropics.



Creative & Calm

The Watermelon aroma is described as earthy and sweet, with watermelon flavor that has hints of berry/grape.


Vanilla Coffee

Creative & Relaxed

Natural vanilla terpenes are used to give the same aroma and flavor of your favorite local coffee house.

Wedding Cake.png

Wedding Cake

Calm & Restful

A tasty flavor with lemon and mango highlights along with creamy lavender notes.