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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this legal?

The Federal Farm Bill that was passed in 2018 legalized Hemp throughout the entire country.  In Wisconsin, the Statute 94.55 states further that Hemp and ALL OF ITS DERIVITIVES; as long as the Delta-9 THC (what gets you high in Marijuana) does not exceed 0.3%.

This being said, Hemp derived Delta-8 THC; which is a naturally occurring cannabinoid found within the plant can be extracted, and used to make these products!

Read More about legality here.

Is this THC or CBD?

Yes it is...Delta-9 THC (Which is found in Marijuana) is not the only Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that naturally occurs within Cannabis.  In fact, there are over 100 naturally occuring Cannabinoids found within the plant; the most common being Delta-9 THC and CBD.


Other forms of THC are pretty much identical molecularly and have very similar effects to Delta-9 THC (aka marijuana).  With that being said, every BODY is different so always START LOW - GO SLOW!  

So is a "REAL THC".

Do I need a medical card to purchase?

You do not need a medical card to purchase from our stores.  You just need a valid I.D. and 21+ in all of our locations.

We will require you to present your valid I.D. at all locations on arrival - Please have I.D. ready!

Are we hiring?

We appreciate your interest in starting a career at THE Dispensary.  We are continuously growing and always looking for individuals who are passionate about cannabis and want to spread their knowledge to the world.  If you are looking to start your career in cannabis, and enjoy a stress-free environment with benefits and sales based bonuses - apply today!

Do we ship product?

We do not currently offer shipping of our product because we want to be able to properly verify the age of our consumers due to our products strong effect - sorry for the inconvenience.  We do not want our product to end up in the wrong hands!

Vendors looking to have their product at THE Dispensary...

Thank you for your interest in having product in-store. Feel free to stop in our nearest location and the store manager can hear you out further and get any information/samples you may have. If the manager feels that the product might be a good fit for THE Dispensary, then we will go to our corporate office to be discussed. Thank you again for your interest!

Will Delta-8 THC show up on a drug test?

Most of our products are different forms of THC including Delta-8 THC, Delta-10 THC and THCP.  These forms of THC have the same molecular structure, and can definitely show up on a drug test!  If you are considering using THC and get drug tested; it may be best to avoid using these products.

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