We are Wisconsin's First Delta-8 THC Dispensary!  Our products are derived from locally grown hemp provided by Hemp4Heroes; our parent company.  We see our products through the entire process to ensure 100% potency, at the cheapest prices.  Visit us today!


We are very proud to bring the first Dispensary of Delta-8 THC products to Wisconsin.  From the moment you walk in our store you can feel the environment we have all been waiting for!  Fully legal, you can finally come and discuss how this product can be used to help YOU!

When you come into our store, we encourage you to browse our selection with ease and ask any questions that you may have.  We inform our employees to discuss our products so we can spread information about the industry; as we will ineviteably be in the future.

We will be growing, hopefully, to a city near you!

We are THE Dispensary.  Go Pack!