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2024 Farm Bill Does NOT Address Hemp Derived Cannabinoids

Democratic leaders within the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee have a proposal for industrial hemp in the upcoming U.S. Farm Bill, as per a plan disclosed by the group on Wednesday.

The plan avoids attempting to reverse the Nationwide legalization of intoxicating hemp-based cannabinoids that were permitted in the 2018 Farm Bill.

Outlined on page 74 on the agricultural commodities section of the bill, the Senate proposal states the following:

  • Defines “industrial hemp” and lowers regulatory barriers for farmers who are growing industrial hemp for grain and fiber.

  • Eliminates the ban on persons who were previously convicted of a felony relating to a controlled substance from participating in the program or producing hemp.


We all know that prohibition does not work…that being said, shutting down the $28.5 BILLION industry (Whitney Economics’ 2023 National Cannabinoid Report) that was created in the 2018 Farm Bill needs to be regulated, controlled, and (not that I like taxes) taxed.

On April 10th, 2024, the U.S. Cannabis Council (USCC) has asked U.S. lawmakers to federally prohibit hemp derived cannabinoid products for consumers, and to have hemp derived cannabinoids to be considered marijuana; which would shut down and disrupt an entire industry that has been established during a down time economically in the U.S. following COVID, and has helped thousands by providing a natural alternative to Big Pharma Prescriptions  Again - prohibition is not the answer.

Edward Conklin - The USCC’s group executive director - writes in his letter:

“Much like grape juice is regulated differently than wine, intoxicating cannabis products should be regulated like alcohol”

Agreed - The Hemp Derived Cannabinoid market can also be regulated and capitalized on if we play our cards right.  Simply shutting down and banning an industry; where literally thousands of customers have shared their stories and positive experiences, is taking a step backwards for the industry.  

Organizations like the U.S. Cannabis Council should be helping this industry grow and spreading the awareness of other cannabinoids outside of marijuana (aka Delta-9 THC); as hemp is “cannabis sativa L.”, and not looking to stomp out their competition.  Proper regulation, age verification, labeling practices, packaging guidelines, and testing requirements can all be accomplished - again prohibition is not the answer.

Speak Up to Save the Industry!

At THE Dispensary, we are actively trying to promote the hemp industry, and work with the US Round Table to push for this industry to stay alive!  Soon, it will be imperative for everyone to come together to show their support for this industry, so we can continue to provide these products that thousands of people use everyday for many different reasons.

Share your story…reach out to your local State politicians!

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