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THC-O – Not a Natural Cannabinoid

Updated: May 13, 2022

Other forms of Cannabinoids have made their entrance – and with that, a slough of information that needs to be properly presented with full transparency.

THC-O Acetate is the newest and hottest “Cannabinoid” that has hit the market deemed to be up to 3x’s as potent as traditional Marijuana (Delta-9 THC)! At THE Dispensary we have considered carrying this product, which led us to dig deeper into this form of THC.

What is THC-O?

Let’s make this clear…You can find the Naturally Occurring Cannabinoids Delta-8 THC, Delta-10 THC, and CBD in the plant. Simply, they occur in Cannabis, whether in small percentages or not – THEY ARE NATURAL.

This does not hold true with THC-O. THC-O Acetate is initially made by going through a similar process when converting CBD to Delta-8 THC and Delta-10 THC. It is then followed by adding a non-natural compound called Acetic Anhydride. The addition of this chemical would, by definition, make THC-O a synthetic compound.

Companies that are transparent with their customers and are aiming to provide a clean and safe product should understand how detrimental THC-O can be to the industry; as well as potential harm that can come from ingesting unregulated chemical compounds such as Acetic Anhydride.

Ways THC-O can be Harmful

Harmful to Cannabis Industry

As Delta-8 THC and Delta-10 THC have made their appearance; we have been given a blessing in disguise – We can bring Cannabis products to States early! In this situation, it is extremely important to not overstep boundaries that are already in a “gray area”. The biggest argument to why we are allowed to