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Welcome – Delta-10 THC

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

What you might already know…

The world of Cannabis science has continued to surpass old legislation, which since the 70’s - has explicitly stated that Delta-9 THC is the only illegal component to the Cannabis plant. As you might already know, high levels of Delta-9 THC found in Marijuana make it the most psychoactive and sometimes can bring an unwanted paranoia effect – These products are Federally illegal.

You may have also heard about Delta-8 THC; which is another form of Tetrahydrocannabinol with a small molecular structure difference that has been reported to give less of a psychoactive effect while still giving benefits of traditional THC.

Welcome…Delta-10 THC!

Like Delta-8 THC, Delta-10 THC is very similar in molecular structure as traditional Delta-9 THC; except that the double bond is located on the opposite side of the Delta-9 double bond (See Image Below)

The difference in where this double bond is located directly relates to how the molecule breaks apart in your system, and how it attaches to the CB1 and CB2 receptors found throughout your mind and body. These different forms of THC are just a couple of the 100+ different cannabinoids found naturally occurring in Cannabis.

What does Delta-10 Do?

There has been little research done in regards to Delta-10 THC, and THC in general (On May 18, 2021; the DEA just announced they will allow further Cannabis research in the U.S.), but just like other Cannabinoids that react with the Endocannabinoid System, the way they break apart in your system determine the effects they will produce.

Both Delta-8 THC and Delta-10 THC will have less of a psychoactive effect than traditional Delta-9 THC, but Delta-10 THC has been reported to give a more of an uplifting and focused effect, while Delta-8 THC is known to be more calming and relaxing.

How is this Legal?

All the same rules apply to Delta-10 THC as Delta-8 THC:

You will fail a drug test for using this form of THC (Current tests cannot distinguish the different forms of THC unless sent into a verified lab).

Under the Federal Farm Bill of 2018, all naturally occurring Cannabinoids found in hemp (Isomers, derivatives, acids, salts, etc..), as long Delta-9 THC does not exceed 0.3% are Federally LEGAL. We can identify, extract, and sell these products in States that have not legalized Marijuana.

Some are considering Delta - 8/10 products to be synthetic, but through the Federal Farm Bill; which explicitly states all ISOMERS and CANNABINOIDS are now legal (besides Delta-9 THC), allows Delta-8/Delta-10 THC to fall under the Legislation of the U.S. Farm Bill. Think about this – What is the difference if you get a cup of water out of a lake, and a cup of water you get from condensation from a plant? YOU STILL HAVE A CUP OF WATER.

But some states have banned Delta-8 THC??

If you have been paying attention to Cannabis news in other States, some have opted to ban Delta-8 THC. This is understandable as most of these States have a one thing in common…they are legal states. If legal states allowed Delta-8 to be sold in their state, they would not make nearly as much tax revenue as they would off legal Marijuana – the powers that be would not enjoy making less money. Especially if they just went through a strenuous process to legalize in their state.


This is another form of THC that is currently allowed to be sold in non-legal States and is derived from naturally grown hemp. Science has allowed us to be able to extract and produce these products that our customers use for medicinal relief without big pharma! It is important to know that you are getting is a quality product that is federally compliant – taking shortcuts and buying unreliable products may contain residuals that are unwanted!

We invite you to come into THE Dispensary to inquire further about this new product that will become more prominent soon! We will happily discuss with you further 😊.

…Lets keep pushing this industry!

Dislaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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I'm just wanting to find natural ways to alleviate ailments Some drs push the opiods w those side effects some scrib tramadol or some other lame a$$ med that makes life difficult in other ways

NowI have tried D8 D10 and combo of both i know it helps me

But yeah that cup of h20 theory look at natives of South America who chew on coca leaves, or dry insects and grind them up. lots of meds yrs ago were manufactured from natural sources now with synthetics even jelly beans are artificial flavored

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