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Who We Are

We provide EXPERT cannabis consultation and we are not a medical marijuana dispensary, meaning you do not need a medical card to purchase from our stores.  We offer cannabis edibles and concentrates that include THC infused products and edibles; as well as CBD products.

We are the TOP RATED cannabis dispensary in almost every location that we have - this is due to our quality cannabis selection and our safe cannabis shopping experience.  We offer cannabis consumption guidelines and legal cannabis purchases in a clean and safe environment.

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THE Dispensary LIVE

THE Dispensary LIVE is our podcast that discusses cannabis culture and lifestyles, cannabis legalization, industry insights, and expert cannabis interviews.  We focus on health and wellness as well as do product reviews and explain THC and CBD; as well as many other cannabinoids.  Learn more about this ever growing industry and share your thoughts!

Visit our YouTube page to view past episodes!

THE Dispensary proudly sponsors Esports Dispensary.  This is a remote, safe, digital space for ANYBODY who enjoys cannabis.  We are able to run a more laid back environment within Discord and openly discuss and share this industry - without social media restrictions!

We occasionally host remote gaming events that community members can participate in, and discuss latest industry news and cannabis through Discord!  Join our Discord to learn more!

THE Dispensary Esports
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