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Edibles and CBD Products

Our food grade products are produced by Apothecary by H4H, focusing on quality and consistency!

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Wisconsin's 1st THC Dispensary

THE Dispensary is the First Delta-8 & 10 THC Dispensary providing quality information and selection through these forms of THC.

H4H | Hemp4Heroes

Veteran Owned Smokable Product

Hemp 4 Heroes is our parent company - Veteran Owned and Wisconsin Based; H4H looks to bring Cannabis to your State!


From store cleanliness to our  High Potency Delta-8 and Delta-10  THC products; we provide the CLEANEST experience from start to finish with your visit.


You can have the Mercedes, or the Cavalier - When it comes to these products, quality matters.  We are vertically integrated to offer the highest quality at the lowest price. - Click here for our Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC C.O.A. (Certificate of Analysis)


Our knowledgeable staff will happily assist you in answering any product, industry, or legality questions you may have - WE WANT TO BRING THE INDUSTRY TO YOU!



The Cannabis plant is one of the most sought-after plants, but is one of the least understood.  Do not be confused, Cannabis does not equal Marijuana!  Cannabis includes Hemp and Marijuana alike.  At THE Dispensary, we are obsessively passionate about Cannabis.  Our staff comes to work everyday with the drive to educate consumers about the advantages of Cannabis.

Many of our customers are curious about Cannabis but are uncertain with what they should be using.  "What should I get? How much should I take?  What will it make me feel like?" are just a few of the many questions  our customers ask.  We're excited to simplify the different types of products and beneficial effects through our knowledge, education, data and quality.

Throughout history, people have gone to industry experts to make the more informed decisions.  Today we provide the most educated staff, reliable data, and product quality at the fairest prices in the industry.  At THE Dispensary, we focus on making the Cannabis industry more transparent and our team is what makes the difference!

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