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Why Delta-8 THC and Alternate Cannabinoids?

An update on where we are as an industry - From our stance….

The Cannabis industry has taken a major turn in 2021-2022 with the semi-new introduction of alternate cannabinoids; in particular, additional forms of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Introducing these products have left people confused, and Cannabis supporters to scrutinize the new forms - as they are not Delta-9 THC Aka Traditional Cannabis - Click to learn more

At THE Dispensary, we exclusively offer additional forms of THC and alternate cannabinoids to our customers for some important reasons - Here they are:

THE Dispensary - Educational Staff

It is an Option for those who do not have access to Cannabis

For those who cannot obtain a medical card (Virginia Qualifying Conditions here - Pennsylvania Qualifying Conditions here), or those who are NOT in a legal State; our products are a viable option for many of our customers to find relief. We have over 200+ 5-Star reviews on Google for our store that operates in Virginia (Check the Reviews here); which IS a medical state! Reading the reviews and hearing the stories of our customers shows us their appreciation for the availability of our products even with the option to try and obtain a medical card.

What does this mean? It is apparent that a new market and segment of this industry is being formed - Alternate Cannabinoids. Traditional Delta-9 THC, or “marijuana”, is the most well-known cannabinoid, but it is certainly not the only powerful one. There are alternate forms of THC, but with many key differences. (Read more here)

For those who cannot obtain a medical card or are not in a legal State, but are curious about Cannabis - We are here to assist you!

Cannabis Science (The Future of Cannabinoids)

It is important to identify the direction that we are headed in the Cannabis industry with the introduction of new cannabinoids to the market. The mainstream studying of Cannabis has only recently been legally allowed early this year (12/06/2022 Article), “Scientists are eager to study cannabis and its derivatives as potential treatments for cancer, chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other conditions.”

It is already known that CBD can directly impact seizures (Epidiolex), and that THC is used to treat nausea and vomiting (Dronabinol) - which are both FDA Approved medications. So, we should ask - What can the other 100+ naturally occurring cannabinoids be used for? These products should be offered as long as we make sure we provide products that are safe to the end user; which means proper testing and educating the consumer before consumption.

If done safely; we could continue to stumble across cannabinoids as viable treatments for a range of different ailments.

Many PREFER Alternative THC’s

As hard as it may be to believe; many people prefer and enjoy the effects that have been reported from our Delta-8 THC, Delta-10 THC, THCP, and even CBD products. (We will again refer to our Google reviews across all locations; as it is first hand proof of what customers are reporting.)

Check out all of our location reviews to see some stories and reports of customer experiences - it is great to know we are helping so many people (Click store to see reviews):

Pittsburgh - PA (138 - 4.9)

Danville - VA (89 Reviews - 4.9)

Richmond - VA (239 - 4.9)

Weston - WI (221 - 5.0)

Appleton - WI (195 - 4.9)

Middleton - WI (54 - 5.0)

Sheboygan - WI (120 - 4.9)

Fond Du Lac - WI (248 - 5.0)

Oshkosh - WI (151 - 4.9)

We see and hear first-hand reports from our customers about all of the positives of having an option available in a comfortable and educational environment.


Our Mission - Bringing comfort and quality through education to the world – one cannabinoid at a time.

We are accomplishing this mission, and need continued support to do so as we navigate through the political, competitive, and industry speedbumps. We aim to work with our local communities and through regulation want to safely bring the industry to the people. We are providing Cannabis to areas that would otherwise not have access, and the people are enjoying the option and availability.

Please like, comment, share to show your support! We appreciate it.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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