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Why Delta-8 THC and Alternate Cannabinoids?

An update on where we are as an industry - From our stance….

The Cannabis industry has taken a major turn in 2021-2022 with the semi-new introduction of alternate cannabinoids; in particular, additional forms of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Introducing these products have left people confused, and Cannabis supporters to scrutinize the new forms - as they are not Delta-9 THC Aka Traditional Cannabis - Click to learn more

At THE Dispensary, we exclusively offer additional forms of THC and alternate cannabinoids to our customers for some important reasons - Here they are:

THE Dispensary - Educational Staff

It is an Option for those who do not have access to Cannabis

For those who cannot obtain a medical card (Virginia Qualifying Conditions here - Pennsylvania Qualifying Conditions here), or those who are NOT in a legal State; our products are a viable option for many of our customers to find relief. We have over 200+ 5-Star reviews on Google for our store that operates in Virginia (Check the Reviews here); which IS a medical state! Reading the reviews and hearing the stories of our customers shows us their appreciation for the availability of our products even with the option to try and obtain a medical card.